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Activate Your Soul Power

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How To Activate Your Soul Power

Do you know the difference between your mind and the soul? 

What is the Soul? 

How can you make a soul connection and communicate with you higher self? 

We all have a body, mind and a soul. From a young age we learn how to walk, talk and adapt. Our conscious mind is programed to navigate us through life. Like a computer, our mind is programed in a certain way. Based on our knowledge and beliefs. We gain them by experience and form a solid foundation on which we build and operate. It is very important to realize that is conscious mind operates on logics. Using judgement as a GPS to navigate to pre set destination. Its primary job is to keep us safe. 

How it works: 

  1. The mind wants to make sense 
  2. The Soul needs to feel right

Shifting The Focus

However the mind is using rationales, the Soul works on another level. It has no interest to accomplish what you want, but to fulfill what you need. It operates on a Spiritual Level. The Soul is finding a way to fulfill the Soul’s purpose. It moves beyond programming, routines, thinking patterns. It will give you energy, direction and guidance. It speaks to you via intuition or maybe even gut feeling. And it always comes with a certain presence. A feeling from deep inside your heart.

Connecting to the Soul

in three easy steps:

  1. Become still and become aware of feelings
  2. Visualize a candlelight in the center of your heart
  3. Fill your whole body with that light Since we are all so programmed to survive in this mental world, it will take time to practice. It is not about checking the box.

Building Strong Partnerships

It is about building an intimate relationship with yourself. Allowing the Soul the speak in whispers. Helping to you let go of expectations and connecting your to your purpose. Providing deeper understanding. Insight: There is a big difference between thinking and knowing. Thinking is the process where the conscious mind rearranges information in various ways and presents it as a (new) given fact. A knowing is something that just pops up. Without reasoning it is just there. And once acknowledged you will not be able to un-see it. A knowing comes with the confidence of everything that just is. If you are excited about Spirituality and Mediumship then follow my channel. Let’s enjoy the journey together 🙂

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