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Mediums Unite People

Mediums Unite People

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Is there life after death?

Do we continue to exist in another world?

Can we communicate with those who live in Spirit?

After we leave this physical life behind we continue to exist in the World of the Spirit. It is not a world who operates on matter, gravity or logics. It is a world of consciousness. Awareness. Time is not a factor and money is not a ruler.

What lives on?

Although we leave our physical body behind, our Soul continuous to exist. This earthly experience will be a part of our Spiritual Journey as we move forward.

Key factors that will continue to exist after our passing:

  1. Human Consciousness
  2. Ability to communicate
  3. Personality and presence
  4. Memories and experiences
  5. Our love for others

What changes after we die?

Obviously we leave our body, possessions and anything of matter behind. We will enter a world free of judgement. It is no longer about right or wrong. It will be about acceptance, deeper understandings, wisdom and above all progress.  

What is the role of a Spiritual Medium?

Mediums are here to unite people. People who live in the Spirit World and had an impact on your life. We do not talk about vibrations or energies. We connect, and are able to communicate through the Soul. That is why it is called a ‘Soul to Soul Connection’.

Aspects of a Spiritual Contact:

  1. Prove evidence that life continues after death
  2. Enable two way communication
  3. Pass on Healing that is needed

During a demonstration or private sitting the Medium will make a connection to a loved one in Spirit. The information will have to be factual and accepted by the recipient. Physical aspects, personal / family life, shared memories and personality are, among other types of information, considered as evidence. Cutting edge proof is needed to open the mind of the recipient. Because one would probably not see the Spirit, it has be proven. In this way the Medium helps the recipient to allow their minds to open their hearts. And receive the love that is so very much cherished.

What should a medium NOT do?

  1. Predict the future
  2. Diagnose physical conditions
  3. Prescribe medication

Looking for an accredited Medium?

If you are open to a Spiritual Contact, it is recommended to search for a certified Medium. You will find more about Spiritualism, Mediumship and Training on the website of the Spiritualist National Union 

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