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March 27 | Demonstration of Mediumship with Eric & Chrissie

About the event

Join Mediums Eric Sweder and Chrissie Atkins as they bring both worlds together through evidence of survival from your loved ones in Spirit. The evidence and messages that they receive will be passed on to audience members that are chosen by those in Spirit. This event will provide reunions of love, healing and inspiration from those who have passed to the great beyond and show that love never dies.

Eric and Chrissie are close friends for many years. They were both trained by the renowned Medium Mavis Pittilla. Their chemistry is a natural fit on the platform and a joy to witness. 

This will be like attending a mediumship demonstration in person but you will attend from home online through Zoom. Please note that your full participation and attention during the demonstration is appreciated.

Demonstrating Mediums: Eric Sweder and Chrissie Atkins
Date: Saturday, March 27 – 2021
Time: 7PM UK Time – 8PM CET
Platform: Zoom Online
Tickets: €10,-