Absent Healing Meditation

About the healing meditation

Enjoy this 30 minutes guided healing meditation. This practice is suitable for mixed levels. It is recommendable to reside in a quiet and safe room while enjoying this experience. Be mindful of drinking enough water during the days after the meditation. 

The video includes:
1. Clear instructions prior to the healing meditation
2. A 30 minute guided meditation practice by Eric Sweder
3. Tips to enhance your experience after the practice

Mechanics behind the meditation:
This practice is designed to align the physical body with the ground. Balancing energy streams en enabling the in poor and out poor of energy flows. Once connected properly a deeper connections is activated by using the breath to ease the mind and activate the heart chakra. 

The second part of the practice to ‘open the door to the universe’ and allow the healing energy of the Spirit World to blend with a physical frame. This experience is a private and intimate expression with the higher self and Divine Spirit. Once the passing on of healing energy tides away this experience will bring you back to the here and now. Slowly but surely. 

The best way to enjoy this practice is to allow the breath to guide you. The are no rules and restrictions. It is about having a resourceful experience and not about doing things right. 

Disclaimer: If you are under supervision of a M.D. please consult if meditation is a suitable practice for you.