Mediumship Development

Join Eric at the sir Arthur Conan Doyle Center 🇬🇧

Mediumship Development​

Let's start from where you are...

Join this special 2-day weekend course with International renowned Medium Eric Sweder (CSNU). He will guide you step by step as you discover and structure your Mediumistic talents and learn how to communicate with Spirit. This course teaches the fundamental knowledge of Mediumship and basic techniques that enable you to establish communication. The weekend is suitable for people who already have some training experience and looking to make their next steps. Eric’s engaging approach will demonstrate how to develop and use your skills in a way that enhances your ability to connect and deliver.

Participants 5 star-review

“I appreciated Eric’s style of engaging with participants, including (but not limited to) the interaction to receive feedback. Watching him in action, during the demonstration was beautiful! Such a fluid, loving connection and I love the way he interacts with Spirit and expresses his gratitude. Heartwarmingly beautiful!”

What to expect

  1. The structure of Spirit Communication
  2. Understanding the needs of Spirit and recipients
  3. The importance of attunement and blending
  4. What is considered as information / evidence of survival
  5. How to establish and maintain Spirit Communication
  6. Presentation and delivery techniques
  7. How to serve the needs of the two worlds

Outline program day - 01

The first day will be about sharing knowledge about the Spirit World and demonstrating techniques. You will get to see Eric work with the Spirit World and gain a sense of how it works for you. He will guide you step by step in understanding the mechanisms behind the miracle. It will be a resourceful experience and teach you how to walk before you take off and start to run.

  1. Opening, introduction and setting the intention
  2. Lecture on the mechanism of Mediumship
  3. Explanation of attunement techniques
  4. Small group exercise on attuning with Spirit
  5. Demonstration of Mediumship by Eric
  6. Guided meditation on blending with Spirit
  7. One-on-One exercise on spirit communication
  8. Reflection, feedback and sharing insights

Outline program day - 02

The second day will be more about the practical application Mediumship techniques. There is lots of opportunity to practice and observe your peers on their journey of discovery. You will be amazed by how the Spirit World interacts with your Mediumship Development and show you the way. Eric will help you to get the best out of the excursuses. His warm and empowering feedback will stimulate your confidence and trigger you to explore the beyond!

  1. Opening, recap and Spiritual sharing
  2. Lecture on the structure of Spirit communication
  3. Sitting in the power, blending with Spirit
  4. Facilitated demonstrations of Mediumship
  5. Talk on Spirit communication and evidence
  6. One-on-One practice Spirit Contacts
  7. Reflection and personal development advice

This course is about gaining understanding of the Spirit World and expand your mediumistic abilities...

This weekend course will send you back home with a clear understanding of your Mediumship abilities. You know where you stand in terms of your development and what to do to progress on your journey. Besides that it will be great fun to be amongst people who are just as excited about Spirit as you are. Eric will support and guide you step by step so you can discover the miracle that resides within. Enjoy this great weekend of Mediumship in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre.